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Critical Power and Cooling & Data Center Design

Engineered Designed Facilities (EDF), RG Computer Power, and Bick Group have joined forces to provide over 90 years of experience in the critical IT and facilities environment.

EDF-RG provides Data Center Design with UPS Systems, Computer Room Cooling, Power Distribution, and more. Please see below for more details on what we offer. Feel free to Contact Us with any questions, inquiries, or would like additional information.

Critical Power and Cooling & Data Center Design 
Advanced Solutions Partner
Schneider Electric
Exclusive Advanced Solutions Partner/Manufacturer’s Representative in Territory (Eastern MO – STL Metropolitan Area – Central and Southern IL)

UPS Systems Offered: (Schneider Electric, APC, MGE)

  • Power Systems (>1MW)
  • Medium to Large Data Centers (10KW-1MW)
  • IT Closets, IDF Rooms
  • Industrial (OEMs, Harsh Environment)

Computer Room Cooling Offerings:

  • InRow Cooling Specialists
  • Hyperpod, EcoAisle Containment, Humidification Control

Power Distribution:

  • PDU’s (Power Distribution Unit)
  • STS’s
  • Busway/Busbar
  • Square D
  • ASCO – ATS

DCIM / EcoStructure Data Center Monitoring:

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Data Center Monitoring / Consulting
  • Installation
Power and Cooling by Controlled Power Company.

Controlled Power Company Offers:

  • Power Conditioning Voltage Regulators
  • High Efficiency K-Rated Power Conditioning Transformers
  • Medical Grade Power Conditioning
  • Industrial DC Power Supplies (rectifiers)
  • Custom Products (OEM Solutions)

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