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Product & Service Offerings

Engineered Designed Facilities (EDF), RG Computer Power, and Bick Group have joined forces to provide over 90 years of experience in the critical IT and facilities environment.

UPS Systems (Uninterruptible Power Supplies)
VCRLA and Lithium-Ion Batter Technologies
Power Distribution
Emergency Generators
Surge Protection
STS’s (Static Transfer Switches)
Critical Cooling Systems
Raised Access Flooring Systems (Data Center and Traditional Office Raised Floor Panels, Understructure, Rooftop Pavers, Raised Commercial Mezzanine, Stadium Seating, and Patio Panels)
Fire Alarm Installation
Mass Notification
Pre-Action and Clean Agent Installation
Early Warning Smoke Detection
Linear Heat Detection Systems
Inspection, Testing and Maintenance
Project Management and Design
IT Services
Managed and Remote
Onsite Repair
Anti-Static Cleaning

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